LIVE Responsible Investing Masterclass

In this Masterclass a panel of experts from Premier Miton Investors discusses how they are focusing on implementing ESG and sustainable factors in dedicated responsible investing equity funds. Discussing are:

  • Carlos Moreno, Fund Manager, Premier Miton European Sustainable Leaders Fund
  • Neil Birrell, CIO & Fund Manager, Premier Miton Diversified Funds
  • Duncan Goodwin, Fund Manager, Premier Miton Global Sustainable Growth & Premier Miton Global Sustainable Optimum Income Funds
  • Helene Winch, Head of Responsible Investing
  • Benji Dawes, Fund Manager, Premier Miton Responsible UK Equity Fund

Learning outcomes:

  1. Some of the long-term structural growth stories behind sustainable and responsible investing
  2. How responsible investing is integrated across asset classes other than quoted equities
  3. The development of ESG incentive and remuneration structures within corporates


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