An introduction to investment trusts

Penny Haslam, business Journalist, discusses investment trusts with a selection of industry experts. Watch and listen to the views of:

  • Simon Elliott, head of research, Winterflood Investment Trusts
  • Mary Ann Sieghart, investment trust board director
  • Simon Lambert, editor, This Is Money
  • David Harris, CEO, InvaTrust Ltd
  • Charles Cade, head of investment companies research, Numis
  • James Carthew, head of research, QuotedData
  • Jeremy Tigue, fund manager
  • Dennis Hall, CEO, Yellowtail Financial Planning

  • Learning Outcomes

    • The role and responsibilities of an investment trust board
    • How investments trusts are able to provide a smooth income stream to investors
    • The impact of gearing and discount volatility on investor returns
    • Where investment trust fit under client suitability rules
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      • 30 mins 14 secs
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