What can you use Pulse for?

A video is worth a 100 emails. Post your thoughts, or explain something complicated. It’s much easier to do with a video, than writing out a lengthy email.

  • Record and send your reaction to a video you’ve just seen.
  • Explain complex ideas face to face rather than trying to write a lengthy email.
  • Have viewers submit questions to include in a presentation you’re giving.

Using Pulse

Cinque Terre

Record your video

Record your video in landscape, it'll eliminate black bars in the frame and let you capture more in your video
Cinque Terre

Complete the form

Once you've recorded and uploaded your video, complete the form telling us what you're video is about
Cinque Terre

Share with colleagues

Send the link for your video to friends and colleagues to view and pass on further

Pulse Facts

Check your Views

Login to the Dashboard to find out how many times your video has been viewed.

Refer to Analytics

Use analytics data on your video to improve engagement with your content.

Embed It

Enterprise customers can embed their videos on other websites.

Do you have more requirements for Pulse?

If you do, get in touch for us to help fulfil them.