Absolute Return Masterclass | May 2019

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  • 42 mins 08 secs

Absolute Return Funds have come under fire over recent years, with many mandates struggling to achieve positive returns for Investors. So, why is this and is this about to change? Four experts join Jenny Ellice to discuss the future of Absolute Return:

  • James Clunie, Fund Manager Absolute Return, Jupiter Asset Management
  • Matt Argent, Client Portfolio Manager, Janus Henderson Investors
  • James Mahon, CEO, Church House Investments
  • Tristan Hanson, Fund Manager of the M&G Global Target Return Fund, M&G Investments

Learning outcomes:

  1. The different definitions of absolute return
  2. The reasons for poor performance in the sector
  3. Where absolute return fits in a client’s portfolio


Janus Henderson Investors