Are we there yet? Episode 6 - Why sustainability isn't taking a backseat

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M&G Investments’ Fabiana Fedeli has hope for the future – and reasons to justify it

Saying that global markets are going through a rough patch is a bit of an understatement. Bonds have recorded their worst losses in decades. We’ve seen heightened market volatility. And inflation is wreaking havoc on economies around the world.

Fabiana Fedeli expects inflation to persist, even if it moderates, and interest rates to remain elevated. So she believes selectivity is key in these markets.

Yet, despite the challenging backdrop, there’s little danger of ESG going by the board, according to Fabiana Fedeli. M&G Investments’ CIO of equities, multi-asset and sustainability isn’t one to sugar-coat but she’s quietly optimistic that things will work out eventually.

‘We’re still learning [and] trying to understand the implications of what we’re doing…but the direction of travel [for sustainability] is extremely clear. There will be bumps in the road, but there’s no stopping and there’s no U-turn.’

Listen to her in the last episode of our six-part series ‘Are we there yet?’ You can find the other episodes on our investment evolution page.

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