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Rob Baltzer of the Baillie Gifford High Yield Bonds team takes a look at how, in a world where cash purchases are on the decline and e-commerce is on the rise, WorldPay is part of the technological backbone supporting digital transactions.


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Cash is no longer. This is how we used to. But now digital payments dominate by twenty sixteen, the share of cash transactions in the uk had fallen to just forty percent. What about best bond investments capitalizes on this trend ? Well pays a company that many consumers haven't heard off yet used daily when you scan your bank card or your phone to make a payment in uk or in the u s you might well be using a world eternal. The card machine is just the gateway. The real story is world pay state of the art financial infrastructure sense electric payments lightning speed around the globe constantly checking think of it like water pipes. You never see them, but you couldn't live without we first invested in well paid three years ago, and it's become a staple in our portfolio, outperforming most other barnes. It's a company its customers rely on to keep up with the exciting innovations in the way.