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Ian Penrose, Head of UK Development at SYZ Asset Management, provides an insight into the company as it enters its 21st year of existence. There is also a look at the comprehensive range of investment solutions they have on offer and how their active approach can generate alpha.


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The SYZ Group was established in 1996 in the heart of Geneva. Started by the founders as an ambitious project to create a wealth management company focused on investment performance, SYZ has today grown into a banking and asset management group with assets of €36bn. SYZ Asset Management is the institutional investment manager arm of the group. Its roots also go back to 1996 when our first multi-asset and alternative portfolios were launched. Now, in our 21st year of existence, the driving force behind what we do remains the same: to deliver attractive performance to our clients. We have succeeded by offering unique investment solutions with high added value, based on active management and strong risk control. This recipe has served us well throughout our history, as evidenced not only by performance but also investor and industry recognition of our results.

Today, SYZ Asset Management offers a comprehensive range of investment solutions, including high conviction equities, active fixed income and credit, multi-asset solutions, liquidity management and alternative investments. We provide access to this expertise through both funds and bespoke mandates, and cater for a wide range of investors, including institutions, private banks, wealth managers and IFAs. Nearly 40% of the company is made up of investment professionals from a wide range of backgrounds, from traders to quantitative PhDs. Our approach is based on providing a strong infrastructure around specialist investment teams, giving them the tools, support and freedom to implement their investment decisions. Notwithstanding this multi-boutique approach, the investment teams benefit from idea and information exchanges which help identify opportunities as well as better understand risks.

At SYZ Asset Management, we focus on a selected number of investment strategies managed by dedicated teams, where we believe we can offer a compelling investment proposition. We believe in active management and we’ve been able to successfully demonstrate that our active approach can create alpha as well as provide protection when investors most need it. Confident in our process and our investment expertise, we have the conviction to look for value where others stay away. After all if you follow the markets you will always end up behind. Since the very beginning of SYZ Group, we’ve never been followers. It is simply not in our DNA.

So it is only natural that our investment style is active and forward looking. Our investment strategies express conviction, and are often contrarian, setting us apart from our peers. Such an approach clearly requires investment discipline, a longer-term view and a clear focus on managing portfolio risk. Many of our clients have trusted us with their investments exactly for these qualities. As an independent and family owned company, we have the freedom to invest in our business for the long term, and we seek to be fully aligned with our clients’ interests. We’re not your typical asset manager, nor do we seek to be. As each of our clients are unique so too is our investment offering, and we invite those of you who do not know us yet to get in touch and learn more about SYZ Asset Management.

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