Boutiques Connect | News: lower global growth throughout 2019?

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Are we set for lower global growth across 2019? Are asset prices now firmly back in a realistic territory? Canada Life Investment’s David Marchant discusses in this update, which also focuses on the outlook for 2019 and a Scientific Advisory Board for SYZ Asset Management.


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Hello and welcome to Boutiques News in this bulletin. Outlooks for twenty nineteen can expiate the market on a scientific advisory board. Foresees asset management. But first David, much in managing director and CEO of Canada Life Investments, predicts lower global growth for twenty nineteen and argues asset prices are now firmly back and realistic territory for rate rises by the U. S in twenty eighteen have helped to create this environment, which he thinks will spread further as other central banks begin to hike rates in twenty nineteen in the U. K H. Albertans UK Equity Income fund manager David Taylor said. On the face of it, the outlook for the domestic economy appears reasonably robust. However, brexit and political woes have stopped companies and consumers from spending in previous cycles. A noticeable pickup in corporate activities proved a good arbiter of when domestic equities get to cheap on a cash flow basis and is seen by some investors as a wider catalyst for investment. He believes that this will continue to be the case. It's evident that there needs to be more clarity with respect to Brexit for this to happen. Yeah, staying with so much political confusion surrounding Brexit Church House investment grade fixed interest fund manager Jeremy Water is not making any market predictions, but water also the group's joint CIA notes Brexit, is a domestic issue. The Giants economies of the U. S and China hardly have it on their radar screens. In other news, Can IX Asset Management has released their cue for two thousand eighteen report that shows their fund outperforming the market the fourth quarter of twenty eighteen. So high volatility is markets focused on rising rates, the end of Huey and trade protectionism. Every global stock markets fell eleven point three percent in sterling terms, while the Cannick Strategic Value Fund Britain, by Charles Heenan and Jeff Leg fell six point two percent. Finally, sees asset management is added a scientific advisory board to help improve it. Systemic investment strategies. This includes Amit Doyle and expert on empirical asset prices from HCC. Lusa affected him Eagle from the London Business School, who focuses on the design and analysis portfolio construction methods. Well, that's it for this update. For more videos, please visit our website asset dot TV or followers on Twitter at Asset TV Thanks Watching no.

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