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SYZ Group launches private markets investment company, plus Church House’s Jeroen Bos shares his outlook for 2019, are we set for some more uncertainty? Find out more in this update that also looks at the performance of the MI Chelverton European Select Fund.

MI Chelverton European Select Fund – Monthly Manager Commentary – November 2018


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Hello and welcome to Boutiques. News in this bulletin sees group launches private markets. Investment company sees capital and church houses Jeroen Bosch shares his outlook for twenty nineteen first up and sees Group has launched Sees Capital, a private market investment advisory specialist sees capital, which marks the fourth business arm off. The group will provide thematic funds and co investment vehicles, as well as advisory services for investors looking at private market opportunities. The offering consists of two parts. A diversified multi manager funds using a proprietary asset allocation model on the second focuses on growth investment opportunities known as building by strategies. Eric CC of Seas Group said While investors have had access to hedge fund stretches for decades, private markets are still dominated by institutional capital, so they aim to democratize private equity investments. In other news and the mice. Talbot in European Select Fund Monthly manager commentary for November twenty eighteen is out. The phone was down over the month with ongoing uncertainty caused by a number of macro economic issues. Cyclical fears, trade wars, geopolitical uncertainty, etcetera continuing to wait on sentiments manages Dale Robertson and Gareth Rod said that the main detractors were oil service companies, which were very weak, taking the fall in the oil price, which was down some thirty one percent over the month. They added that the European markets remain volatile and directionless. There has been a significant flight to perceive safe havens, companies which are not correlated to any form of economic cycle. This areas, such as pharmaceuticals, utilities and telcos have performed well. However, despite having a number of holdings in pharmaceutical companies, they struggled to see long term value in telcos or utilities, saying that generally these are heavily indebted companies with poor track record of cash conversion facing structural challenges. When he confined the link to the full report below the player, I'm finally with twenty nineteen fast approaching church houses, investment directed Your own boss told us that TV there. Since last October, the outlook has become more uncertain. It's no longer just brexit, but Europe has its own issues to deal with and growth weakening outside of Europe. There the U. S China trade issues to name just a few. It seems therefore sensible to have a fairly cautious outlook for twenty nineteen. Well, that's it for this update. For more videos, please visit our website asset dot TV or Followers on Twitter at TV Thanks for watching.

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