Boutiques Connect | News: Will investors finally see value in ‘value’ stocks?

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In this bulletin, Olga Hay looks at the market reaction to new revelations in Alexander Darwell’s boutique, why technology stocks are not all they seem and what Peter Seilern warns about in his new book.

Four key questions

Only the best will do


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Boutiques Connect News
Hello and welcome to Boutiques Connect News Update.

In this bulletin: find out how the market reacted to Alexander Darwell’s boutique taking charge of European Opportunities Trust from Jupiter, why you should be careful with technology stocks and what Peter Seilern warns about in his new book.

But first, the decision by the board of the European Opportunities Trust to move from Jupiter to boutique Devon Equity Management is being rewarded by the market. Since mid- November when the contract shifted, the discount on the shares has narrowed from 7.7 to 1.5%.
But the change is not quite as radical as it seems. The portfolio is still run by Alexander Darwell, who left Jupiter to set up Devon. And his investment philosophy and process remain unchanged.

Following Andrew Vaughan's recent appointment as manager of the Free Spirit Fund at Sanford De Land, my colleague Mark Colegate sat down with him to find out more about his investment process. (SB)

You will be able to watch the full interview with Andrew Vaughan later on our channel.

Alasdair McKinnon, manager at the Scottish Investment Trust is asking, almost a rhetorical question: when will investors finally see value in ‘value’ stocks? He believes the pendulum will eventually start to swing back, and technology companies could be the first in the firing line.

Well, one person you should never mention value investment to, is Peter Seilern. The growth manager and founder of Seilern Investment Management has just written and published: Only The Best Will Do. His book argues past performance is a good indicator to the future, higher risk does not mean higher return and diversification is a distraction from the main purpose of investing.

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