Emerging Markets Equities Masterclass | September 2019

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  • 48 mins 13 secs

How have emerging markets been affected by the ongoing US/China trade dispute? Find out this and more in our Masterclass which also looks at the importance of ESG in emerging markets, how our panelists pick up their stocks & much more. Joining us to discuss, we have:

  • Douglas Turnbull, Senior Analyst, Invesco
  • Nicole Vettise, Institutional Portfolio Manager, Franklin Templeton Investments
  • Alistair Way, Head of Global Emerging Market Equities, Aviva Investors
  • Ian Beattie, Lead Portfolio Manager, Emerging Markets Equity Fund, Nedgroup Investments

Learning outcomes:

  1. What impact the US-China trade war has had on Emerging Markets
  2. How Emerging Markets have changed over the past 20 years
  3. The importance of ESG factors when selecting Emerging Market stocks


Franklin Templeton