The ESG challenge for trustees

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Pension scheme trustees are now legally obliged to explain how they take into account ESG factors and climate change risk within their portfolios. In this video, Rob Stewart, Head of Responsible Investment Research, Newton Investment Management, joins Mark Colegate to discuss the implications of this and assess how schemes can turn this into an opportunity to better engage with members.


DC Pensions

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pension scheme. Trustees are now legally obliged to explain how they take into account e s G factors and climate change. Wrists import fellows. So to discuss the implications. I'm joined now by Rob Stewart. Well, what are the implications for D. C schemes and trustees has been a big change, I think, and trustees have had to come up with policies they've been required to put those in their statement of investment principles for this year 2019. What's gonna be really interesting? A CZ we look into next year to 2020. They've got to say how they've implemented those policies. So I think that's gonna be trustees thinking more carefully about water. Yes, team and stewardship means for them and how their asset managers are dealing with those issues. And how come screams uses as an opportunity to better engage with their members. Because this is a big issue for the general public. Absolutely right, and I think people are interested, and DC schemes struggle to get their members to engage with their pensions, and I think it's G factors is one way they can come up with something which touches the sort of values that members are interested in. And so I think getting some of these stories out on some of the ways that maybe they've bean trustees have been dealing with the SG. It's a really good way to get increased interest from members. And how can investment solutions help with this particular around responsible investing? And do you have to give up return to be responsible? Well, I think the starting point is Justus. We were saying that I think different people have different aims here. I think one of the responsibilities for a DC trustees to put um, investment options in front of their members, which meet their requirements and some people are studies indicate or really want their values to come through in their vestments. So maybe want a sustainable option is something that could be the case. Does it influence investment return? We think that over the longer term that there's still a way off investing, which meets financial returns and allows us to invest in a sustainable fashion. Ropes you. Thank you very much. Thank you very much.


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