ESG: doing good or sounding good?

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Focusing solely on carbon emissions, plastic bags are better than paper ones, but we'd all agree that plastics aren't great for our oceans. Are electric cars really 'greener'? Is displacing existing talent in favour of diversity really equity? Industrialising and raising the living standards of many emerging markets requires emissions: so how as ESG-minded investors do we reconcile these trade-offs? Which stakeholders win, and who decides?

Listen back to a riveting and lively discussion between leading ESG thinkers who explored and debated the endless ESG paradoxes, and the idea that despite this idea that everyone wins in ESG, that actually there are always losers, and how do we as investors balance this delicate act of competing priorities and how to do good in one place without doing harm elsewhere.


  • Jillert Blom, Head of Distribution Benelux, France and Nordics, Invesco
  • Mike Barry, Former Director of Sustainable Business at Marks & Spencer
  • Alex Edmans, Professor of Finance, London Business School
  • Elizabeth Gillam, Head of EU Government Relations and Public Policy, Invesco
  • Glen Yelton, Head of ESG Client Strategy North America, Invesco

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This session was just one of many available to attendees of the [email protected] event, held on 17 June 2021, which provided an open, honest and thorough debate on all things ESG.

If you missed the event, or some of the sessions that caught your eye, you can catch up by visiting the event page.

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