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ESG | International Women's Day Masterclass


Learning: Structured

We take an in depth look at the ESG, diversity and inclusion. On the panel to discuss:

  • Kathryn Saklatvala, Head of Investment Content, bfinance
  • Allison Spector, Director of Sustainability, Real Assets & Private Markets, Nuveen
  • Madelaine Jones, Portfolio Manager, Head of EMEA D&I Committee, Oaktree
  • Charlotte Tyrwhitt-Drake, CEO, Pensions for Purpose

Learning outcomes:

  1. Why more investors are demanding transparency, what successful ESG engagement looks like, and how ESG applies to different assets
  2. Ways that the asset management industry is driving positive change. having an impact, and emphasizing diversity and inclusion
  3. The role of diversity and inclusion within ESG and what it means to invest with these goals in mind