ESG Masterclass | June 2019

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  • 45 mins 04 secs

How are fund managers integrating ESG investing into their strategy? What are the key megatrends that are driving its growth and how important is the investment theme? To discuss, we have a panel of four experts in this Masterclass. They are:

  • Nick Henderson, Portfolio Manager, Responsible Global Equities, BMO Global Asset Management
  • Sandra Carlisle, Head of Responsible Investment, HSBC Global Asset Management
  • Hamish Chamberlayne, Head of SRI, Janus Henderson Investors
  • Ashley Hamilton Claxton, Head of Responsible Investment, Royal London Asset Management

Learning outcomes:

  1. The ability to differentiate between ESG, SRI and ethical investing
  2. Learn what key megatrends are driving the growth of ESG investments
  3. Understand how fund managers increasingly integrate ESG into their strategy


Janus Henderson Investors