European Equities Masterclass | June 2019

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  • 45 mins 52 secs

Continental equities have lagged behind those of other markets particularly the US in recent years, but is that really justified? We are now at a point where J.P. Morgan has got a bigger market cap then the whole of the Italian stock market; Facebook is bigger than Spain; and Starbucks is bigger than Ireland. A panel of experts discusses this and the future for European equities. They are:

  • Mark Denham, Head of European Equities & Fund Manager, Carmignac
  • Stephanie Butcher, European Equities Fund Manager, Invesco
  • Nick Davis, Fund Manager, European Ex-UK Income Fund, Polar Capital

Learning outcomes:

  1. The outlook for financials in a low interest rate environment
  2. What is driving the discrepancy between value and growth stocks
  3. The prospects for dividend growth from a European equity portfolio