Factor Investing Masterclass | November 2019

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  • 46 mins 53 secs

With high-profile investors such as Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger regularly talking about value, it's no secret that it's underperforming at the moment, but what's causing this? A panel of experts joins Olga Hay to offer their definition of what factor investing is and how you can become a better, more-rounded, investor by understanding this area. Taking part in this Masterclass, we have:

  • Thorsten Paarmann, Portfolio Manager, Invesco Quantitative Strategies, Invesco
  • Anthony Kruger, EMEA Head of Smart Beta, iShares
  • Hitendra D Varsani, Executive Director & Factor Strategist, MSCI

Learning outcomes:

  1. The best and worst performing factors of 2019
  2. How the multi-factor approach works and how to achieve diversification
  3. Whether ESG can be considered a factor