Fixed Income | Masterclass

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  • 47 mins 49 secs

In this Masterclass on Fixed Income, three panelists discuss their thoughts and views on the bond market in the year ahead, political turmoil impacting economics, active management vs. passive management, the potential of a trade war and a look back at missed opportunities in 2016.

On the panel are:

  • Luke Hickmore, Senior Investment Manager, Fixed Income, Aberdeen Asset Management
  • Mike Riddell, Fund Manager, Allianz Strategic Bond Fund, Allianz Global Investors
  • Nicolas Trindade, Fund Manager, Sterling Credit Short Duration Bond Fund, AXA Investment Managers

Learning outcomes:

  1. The key benefits of unconstrained bond funds in periods of volatility
  2. The benefits of active fund management in the bond market
  3. Market dynamics such as; 'carry', 'quality' and 'relative value' and how fund managers exploit these


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