Fixed Income Masterclass | June 2019

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  • 44 mins 18 secs

Learning: Structured

How late are we in the cycle and what does this mean for fixed income? A panel of experts share their views here and discusses if there is value in the UK given the volatile and uncertain environment. The panel of this Masterclass consists of:

  • Anthony Lawler, Fund Manager, GAM
  • Julien Eberhardt, Fixed Interest Fund Manager, Invesco
  • Claire Cullen, Fixed Income Specialist, J.P. Morgan Asset Management
  • Eoin Walsh, Partner & Portfolio Manager, Multi-Sector Bond Funds, TwentyFour Asset Management

Learning outcomes:

  1. How late in the cycle we are and what it means for fixed income
  2. What you should do with financials in your portfolio
  3. If the UK is a good place to look for relative value
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