Fund Selector Masterclass | Strategic Bonds

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  • 46 mins 40 secs

Learning: Structured

Fund Selectors and Fund Managers join Mark Colegate to discuss Strategic Bond Funds, the recent actions by the Swiss Central Bank, the broad market and the knock-on impact of what is happening in regional US banks.

Fund Selector:

  • Kelly Prior, Investment Manager, Columbia Threadneedle Investments

Fund Managers:
  • Stuart Edwards, Manager, Invesco Tactical Bond Fund, Invesco
  • Torcail Stewart, Fund Manager, Strategic Bond Fund, Baillie Gifford
  • Alex Pelteshki, Co-Manager, Strategic Bond Fund, Aegon Asset Management

Learning Outcomes:

  • How higher interest rates affect the approach taken by strategic bond managers
  • The impact of monetary policy on asset allocation
  • The outlook for financials in light of the fates of SVB and Credit Suisse
Channel: Fund Selector Masterclass
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