The Future of Retirement Income | Masterclass with Baroness Ros Altmann

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  • 46 mins 32 secs

Learning: Structured

In this Masterclass a panel of experts join Baroness Ros Altmann to discuss how rising inflation, tax and National Insurance changes will impact retirement income, and how younger people should be getting involved in their pensions savings early. Taking part are:

  • Jan Oliver, Partner, Income Strategies, Baillie Gifford
  • Andrew Tully, Technical Director, Canada Life
  • Vince Smith-Hughes, Head of Business Development, Prudential plc
  • Jamie Jenkins, Director of Policy & External Affairs, Royal London

Learning outcomes:

  1. Managing the impact of high inflation on retirement income
  2. The impact of tax and NI changes on pension funding strategies
  3. How the FCA Consumer Duty Paper will impact on adviser businesses
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