Global Perspectives: Thinking Beyond Uncertainty - Macro Panel: Is it boom time or gloom time?

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  • 01 hr 12 mins 16 secs

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on global markets, with a recession now looming. But, how deep could this get, and what does the pathway to recovery look like? Discussing the macro environment, and more, we are joined by:

  • Francis Scotland, Director of Global Macro Research, Brandywine Global
  • Jeff Schulze, Investment Strategist, ClearBridge Investments
  • Kim Catechis, Head of Investment Strategy, Martin Currie

Learning outcomes:

  1. The nature of the 2020 recession and the pathway to recovery
  2. The long-term impact of monetary and fiscal stimulus on the world economy
  3. The changing nature of globalisation and its investment implications
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