Ian Simm on the transition to a more sustainable economy

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This film - a 3-minute watch – features Impax Founder and CEO Ian Simm. Ian discusses biodiversity, net zero, and other key themes shaping global markets as we transition to a more sustainable economy.
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so the transition to a more sustainable global economy is best thought of as a series of industrial revolutions in energy and transportation and materials in food and so as investors. What we're looking at is the value change in each of those industries and how they're likely to evolve over the next 10 to 15 years and then, crucially, trying to work out what's not priced in. So technology change, regulatory change change to consumer preferences that perhaps other investors are not really understanding fully.

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So the response to the drivers around the transition to a more sustainable economy, then the key thing that investors need to do is to price risk effectively. That's become a major theme. But at the same time, there's also an opportunity to engage with companies that are operating at large scale in today's economy just to challenge them as to what their plans are as we move to a Net zero system.

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And the third thing is really just to sharpen our our skills and pay more attention to the solutions to problems like climate change and the erosion of of biodiversity. So we're paying quite a lot of attention to, um, looking at opportunities around environmental markets.

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So 50% of global GDP depends on biodiversity, and 60% of the plant based calories that we eat come from just three crops. So biodiversity is a major issue for investors today. Policymakers, however, are having a real challenge because, unlike climate change, biodiversity is not a uniform or homogeneous global problem, and the solutions need to be multi local.

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So what we're doing right now as investors is two things. First of all, we are engaging with the companies that we own to make sure that they've got an answer to protecting biodiversity and that it's they're acting out of self interest if you like to improve quality of the

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eco systems around the places that that they're operational, and the second thing is investing in what you might call solutions or supporting industries like the water supply sector. So making sure that water is efficiently used and water catchment areas are sustainably managed and secondly around reducing waste because waste generally produces pollution and poll pollution can harm by the risk.

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So key themes for the moment for investors, obviously inflation. That's top of everyone's list. But we're also paying quite a lot of attention to workforces and what's happening post covid in terms of, uh, people coming back to the office and what that's doing to corporate UM efficiency and potential value creation or value erosion if they get that wrong.

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There's also, as we've seen in the covid period, a big switch to digitalization and using it to improve efficiency around the workforce, but also with the much cheaper availability of sensors and the arrival of five G, then the

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connected Internet of things is becoming a reality. Meanwhile, policymakers are asking very good questions about nature, and we've touched on that elsewhere in the interview. But I think we're going to see a lot more attention from policymakers around biodiversity and climate change over the next few months.

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