Investment Opportunities in Asia | Masterclass

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Learning: Structured

In this Masterclass top asset managers give their views and insights into what is going on in the most dynamic part of the global economy. Taking part are:


  • Rahul Chadha, Chief Investment Officer, Mirae Asset Global Investments
  • Simon Coxeter, Growth Markets Director of Strategic Research, Mercer
  • Vinay Agarwal, Director, FSSA Investment Managers
  • Jean De Kock, Fixed Income Manager Research, Mercer
  • Chin Ping Chia, Head of China A Investments, Business Strategy and Development, Invesco
  • Cameron Systermans, Head of Asset Allocation (Asia), Mercer

Learning outcomes:

  1. Will 2022 be the year for Chinese equities rebound
  2. Investment opportunities in wider emerging Asia from India to Indonesia and the Philippines
  3. The growing role of ESG and sustainability when investing in Asia
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