Investment Solutions to Achieve Net Zero | Institutional Masterclass

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  • 45 mins 40 secs

Learning: Structured

Asset managers and consultants are making increasing use of predictive models to identify, manage and reduce carbon risk in portfolios. How reliable are these? It’s one of the topics tackled by our expert panelists. They also look at the potential negative consequences of an industry being too narrowly focused on net zero targets. Taking part are:

  • Rory Sandilands, Investment Manager, Aegon Asset Management
  • Zuhair Mohammed, Partner and Head of Investment, Lane Clark & Peacock
  • Yassar Ali, Global Head of Product Strategy, abrdn

Learning Outcomes:

  • Building a net zero framework across all investment asset classes
  • The strengths and weaknesses of forward looking models on carbon emissions
  • The dangers of a narrow focus on net zero in stock selection
Channel: Institutional
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