Investment Trust Update | 10th August 2018

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In this update, we discuss the return of Mark Mobius along with a new investment trust and who the top trusts were in July.


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Hello and welcome to investment trust update to meet jenny alice in this bulletin mark mobius is back on top trust for twenty eighteen, but first veteran emerging markets fund manager mark mobius is set to launch a new investment trust to take advantage of the recent sell off the e m asset class. Maybe it's investment trust will focus on smaller midcap companies in emerging and frontier markets and will be run with an absolute return remit aim, just avoiding long term losses. This will be the fast, close and fund from mobius is new firm mobius capital partners, which he formed with collis hardened berg on greg connie's knee after they left franklin templeton earlier this year. Next on top trumps for july have been revealed with global tech choices most popular among investors. Scottish mortgage that has a heavy weighting towards the tech sector was the most purchase trust well in second place with aliens technology. Edinburgh worldwide came in third, followed by polar capital technology in fourth place. Finally, john liang infrastructure has agreed to be bought by down more capital and equity ix investment management, with it shares rising on reports that shareholders are looking. For higher offer, as outlined in its statement on the bid approach last month, the board has accepted the offer of one hundred forty two point five p per share in cash, plus the three point five. Seven p dividends. This values the company at one point four. Five billion pounds, nearly twenty four percent more than its share price before the approach was made. Well, that's it for this update. For more videos, please start website. Asset dot tv followers on twitter tv thanks for watching.

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