Investment Trust Update | 14th December

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In this Investment Trust Update for the end of the year, wildfires hit CATCo Reinsurance Opportunities and all eyes on the Global Sustainability Trust to see if Aberdeen Standard Investments can hit the £200m target it set itself.

Global Sustainability Trust prospectus in connection with the IPO is available on the company's website at and on the National Storage Mechanism at


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Hello. Welcome to Investment Trust Update to meet Jenny Ellis in this bulletin. Wildfires hit Can't coz Reinsurance Opportunities No lies on the Global Sustainability Trust to Sea of Aberdeen Standard Investments can hit the two hundred million pound target it's set itself. But first twenty eighteen has been a difficult year for Capt. Cho Reinsurance Opportunities. Not only have the California wildfires had a material impact on November's net asset value returns, all of the fund hasn't quantified the exact level yet its manager, Marchal Cat Co Investment Management, is dealing with a regulatory investigation. This is with us and the mutual authorities into loss reserves recorded in late twenty seventeen and early twenty eighteen at the fund manager. In other news in London's first listed energy efficiency fund, STC L energy efficiency income has raised one hundred million pounds, falling short of its one hundred fifty million pound target, but has declared its a good result. Given difficult market conditions for flotations, attention will now turn to Global Sustainability Trust, which is attempting to raise two hundred million pounds. Aberdeen Standard Investments Global Sustainability Trust will launch on December seventeenth, with the offer having closed December eleventh. Talking a total return after fees of six to eight percent per year. The global port follow aims to invest across private equity infrastructure. Real estate Natural Resource is on private credit hundred, Ike's, founder off the trust, told asset TV. The portfolio is aimed at long term investors who want a finance and benefit from the move to more sustainable economy. And you can find the links to the global sustainability trust perspective below the player. Well, that's it for this update. For more videos, please visit our website dot TV or follow us on Twitter at Asset TV. Thanks, check.

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