Investment Trust Update | 7th September

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In this IT Update, we take a look at the impact from the collapse of the Morandi bridge in Genoa on infrastructure trusts, Terry Smith looking to raise £250m for a new trust, and what the remainder of 2018 holds for investment companies.


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Hello and welcome to investment trust update to meet jenny ellis in this bulletin. Did the marandi bridge collapse in genoa impact infrastructure trust ? Terry smith is looking to raise two hundred fifty million pounds for a new trust what does the rest the year have in store for investment companies ? But first, the market isn't pricing improperly the wrist infrastructure trust from labors, hostility to the private finance initiative that's the view of jeffrey's analyst matthew hose, who argues the risk is limited. Although listed funds from john liang, bi bi g and h i c l a most exposed his concern is this amid the euphoria of the one point, four billion pound cash offer for john leon infrastructure earlier this summer, the potential downside risk being underplayed ? We are simon eliot, head of investment trust research at winter flood, how he believes infrastructure, trust the fairing so it's been an incredible rollercoaster years so far for the infrastructure sector, we've seen a huge variation in share prices, not least as a result off the recent bid for john lange infrastructure, which saw all of the funds across the infrastructure re rated, but that followed a very difficult period where, because of political uncertainty because of the events were brilliant at the start of the many of the funds have bean de rated, so despite the fact that they are essentially low volatility products, we've seen considerable volatility the recent events in italy with the collapse of the bridge that did not have any direct impact on the infrastructure sector in the uk, none of the uk listed funds were exposed to that. But it does, i think online the importance of the high quality that's required for these infrastructure assets and importance off regular maintenance in other news and terry smith is looking to raise up to two hundred fifty million pounds trust investing global, smaller midcaps, his fun smith business already has assets of eighteen billion pounds. The forthcoming offering open to investors from the seventeenth of september has no launch fees. These will all be absorbed by fun smith finally, with a summer well behind us, what trends will shape investment trust for the rest of the year ? Back to simon eliot to find out so twenty eighteen has bean very interesting year over the investment trust sector, i think it's fair to say a more difficult year than we saw last year, not least with the level of fundraising. So after a record year in twenty seventeen, it's more difficult this year, with a low a number of new funds brought to the market. That said, i think there will be riel wave of issuance now, in the remaining four months of the year for a number of high profile funds on the blocks, including mobius is emerging markets fund and a v i looking teo launch a new japanese fund. But i think the success of those funds and others that will undoubtedly follow, depend on market conditions. Whether we see a pickup in volatilities, well, that's it for this update. For more videos, please visit our website, asset dot tv or followers on twitter tv. Thanks, touching.

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