Low Carbon Investing | Institutional Masterclass

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On this Institutional Masterclass we look at the merits of adopting a low carbon approach to investing. On the panel are 5 experts in this field:
  • Laurent Trottier, CFA, Global Head of Index Management & Smart Beta, Amundi Asset Management
  • Paula DiPerna, Special Advisor, CDP North America
  • Charlie Thomas, Head of Strategy, Environment and Sustainability Investment, Jupiter Asset Management
  • Antti Savilaakso, European Head of ESG Research, MSCI
  • Mamadou-Abou Sarr, Global Head of ESG Investing, Northern Trust Asset Management

    • The programme is divided up in to the following 3 modules:

    • PART ONE | The risks of not adopting a low carbon approach to investing
    • PART TWO | Low carbon investing - is it higher risk?
    • PART THREE | Asset owners’ attitudes to low carbon investing
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