Masterclass on the Road | Sustainable Strategies

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  • 42 mins 46 secs

Learning: Structured

COP26 and climate change have been dominating the news, but what else is there to sustainable investing? Discussing in this Masterclass on the Road program are:

  • Amanda O’Toole, Portfolio Manager, AXA Framlington Global Thematic Equities Fund, AXA Investment Managers
  • David Zhao, Co-Manager, BlackRock Sustainable American Income Trust plc
  • Amarachi Seery, Sustainability Analyst, Global Sustainable Equity Fund, Janus Henderson Investors
  • John William Olsen, Fund Manager, Positive Impact Equities, M&G Investments

Learning outcomes:

  1. How sustainable equity managers evaluate clean energy opportunities
  2. The role of healthcare as an investment themes within sustainable funds
  3. Why product design has a vital role in assessing a company's sustainable credentials
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