Multi-Asset Masterclass | September 2019

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  • 47 mins 41 secs

The yield curve inverting has been a key sign we should brace for a recession over the last 50 years, but why are analysts not worried this time around? Find out more in our Masterclass which also looks at Christine Lagarde's new role at the ECB, how holding cash can dampen volatility and the benefits of buying in a panicked market. Joining us to discuss, we have:

  • Keith Balmer, Director, Multi-Asset Solutions, BMO Global Asset Management
  • Nick Watson, Fund Manager, Janus Henderson Investors
  • Rasmus Soegaard, Portfolio Manager, Quilter Investors
  • Trevor Greetham, Head of Multi Asset, Royal London Asset Management

Learning outcomes:

  1. How to manage different types of risk in the portfolio
  2. The role of diversifiers in the portfolio
  3. Active vs passive investing - which strategy is more effective?