Multi-Asset News: A record-breaking bull run

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August has historically been regarded as a relatively quiet month for markets but in 2018 it marked the S&P 500 achieving the longest bull run on record. This update takes a look at the reasons behind this uptick as well as a shift in Russell Investments' strategies and how rising rates affect multi-asset portfolios.

Russell Investments: 2018 Global Market Outlook – Q3 update

Russell Investments: 2018 Global Market Outlook - Q4 update


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Hello, welcome to multi asset with me jenny alice in this bulletin russell investment shapes its strategy away from us assets are fun lord from jupiter on what rising rates mean for multi asset portfolios but first august has historically been regarded as a relatively quiet month for markets but in two thousand eighteen in mark the s and p five hundred achieving the longest bull run on record further developments in the us trade tear of campaign on's an increase in the bank of england's base rate because of this effie trust met decided to look at where professional investors have been researching for the past month they found that there was a significant increase in the amount of research into asian equities, multi asset funds and european portfolios. The uptick was attributed to donald trump's america first philosophy and investors looking for flexibility to physician aggressively in risk assets in other news and russell investments profess europe, japan and the emerging markets to the us over the next twelve to eighteen months the group believes us growth leadership on the dollar bounce have probably run their course in addition, fears of a trade war on potential for us recession issues to keep an eye on for two thousand nineteen russell's preference is for those regions where low inflation above trend growth, accommodative policy settings and corporate margin expansion are more likely to occur. There's a link to the full global market outlook for q three on the link below the player. Next on jupiter has launched a global multi asset income fund for multi asset veteran talib sheikh who was poached from j p morgan in june. The jupiter flexible income fund will invest in it global basis across multiple asset classes with the aim of achieving a four to six percent yield and finally speaking on a recent asset tv masterclass andrew hammond senior portfolio manager of the first state diversified growth funds discusses risks in the rising rate environment on advantages of multi assets today bonds could be risk additive i think the old adage that bonds in equities un correlated bones will protect you in an equity downturn has to be reevaluated we've seen government bonds rising yields inflation is starting to come through one of the points that i would make out is the investment environment has meant that valuations are high both on equities but also on fixed income as well as a number of other asset classes but the economics also very good but once you actually delve one level deeper a diverging so i think you know us is running very strong but a cz we look globally i think china's slowing europe has had some speed bumps which are political but wait really need to have a deeper dive and i think that's where multi asset comes into its own you do have a lot of levers in an environment in which that's evaluations can be high there's diversification on offer was also income producing strategies that we can lean into. So i think that's, really. What we're trying to do is deliver returns at the time, but with volatility. Well, that's it for this update. For more videos, please visit our website. Asset dot tv follows on twitter asset tv. Thanks. Watching him buy finner. No.