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Are fears over rising geopolitical risk, coupled with wider governance issues in emerging markets, overshadowing potentially strong opportunities in emerging market fixed income? This update looks at where European investors put their money this summer and the 10 best selling asset types.

BNY Mellon: Are EM risk fears masking market strengths?


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What ? Hello, welcome. This is asset tv's. European institutional news update to me, jenny ellis. In this bulletin, opportunities in am fixed income on where european institutional investors put their money this summer. But first call mcdonough, head of emerging market debt insight investment for beyond my melon, says that there's over rising geopolitical risk and wider governance issues and emerging markets over shadowing potentially strong opportunities and am fixed income. He believes that a key mistake many investors make any m is to enter the sector at the peak of the market and exit as it falls, repeating a destructive pattern over time. We can read his full article in the link below. Next up on a review of the european fund market for august from griffin, itiveness shows that european investors pulled back further from long term mutual funds as the market environment in general, sentiment stayed negative. August the fourth month in a row for european funds investors posting net outflows from long term mutual funds. This follows a trend of sixteen months of consecutive inflows. The figures collected by repetitive show that in august mix asset funds were the best selling individual asset type overall, when net sales of two point three billion euros. Germany took in one point three billion euros in mixed funds, followed by sweden than switzerland. The ten best selling long term funds gathered at the share class level. Total net inflows of eight point two billion euros for august, with al jim global corporate bond topping the list. And finally, in people moves beyond my melon investment management has promoted sarah jarrett ahead of institutional liquidity distribution for europe from her previous sales manager role. Nick newman has also joined us institutional liquidity sales manager for europe. He previously worked for institutional cash. Distributor's well, that's it for this update. For more videos, please visit our website, europe. Don't asset doc, tv or followers on twitter, said tv. Thanks searching