Peston on Masterclass: Global Outlook

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  • 43 mins 01 secs

Brexit, Frexit and whatever comes next – what will the impact be? An expert panel from Man Group, Principal Global Investors, PPMG and Schroders explains why they’re favouring Europe over the US. It’s well known that Peston worries about a sharp slowdown and even Japan style deflation in the UK economy, but what do the experts think?

Taking part are:

  • Sandy Rattray, Man Group
  • Seema Shah, Principal Global Investors
  • Leila Butt, Prudential Portfolio Management Group
  • Marcus Brookes, Schroders

Learning outcomes:

  1. The prospects for the Eurozone economies
  2. The outlook for the US economy
  3. The influence of central banks and politics on markets


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