Ravenscroft Balanced Strategy Foundation Film

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An introduction into Ravenscroft's Balanced Strategy and the Team's investment approach. The strategy provides exposure to a blend of global and thematic equities and fixed income, via a focused portfolio of carefully selected funds. Our investment themes are derived from a number of irrefutable trends, which we believe will provide a powerful tailwind for future growth.


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Canada Life Investments

At the heart of our business is a range of investment solutions designed to meet investors’ needs. We have expertise investing in equities, fixed income and property, and offer a range of open-ended funds (OEICs) that cover UK and international equities and bonds, as well as multi-asset solutions.

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Chelverton Asset Management

At Chelverton we believe in doing things properly. We invest in proper companies. That do proper things. Managed by sensible people. For intelligent investors, who care. Founded in 1998, we are a boutique asset management business with a specialist focus on investing in sub-FTSE 100 equities and unquoted small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

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Church House Investment Management

Church House provides ‘peace of mind’ investing through a range of fund and portfolio solutions. Our focus is on producing consistent returns which are in line with the risk and reward expectations of private clients and investors introduced by professional advisers.

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Kennox Asset Management

We are active value investors and think only long-term. Our independence gives us the genuine ability to do this - a key advantage in a market driven by often counter-productive short-termism.

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SVM Asset Management

SVM was established in 1990 on a straightforward premise: We wanted to create an environment where talented investment professionals would have the flexibility to run funds to the best of their ability. Our focus is on managing equity funds through exhaustive fundamental research.

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SYZ Asset Management

For over 20 years, our objective has remained simple: to offer our clients strategies with high value-added based on active management. Our investment managers rely on their fundamental research to forge their convictions and deliver superior performance.

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Unicorn Asset Management

Unicorn Asset Management Limited is an independently owned and managed investment management company. Founded in 2000, Unicorn offers both open and closed-ended investment funds, including an AIM Venture Capital Trust, designed to satisfy a variety of investor requirements.

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