Responsible Investing Masterclass Series: Fixed Income | February 2020

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  • 45 mins 56 secs

We hear a lot about ESG, but how important is it, and how should it be thought of from an investment perspective? In the second part of Royal London Asset Management’s Responsible Investing Masterclass series, a panel of experts joins us to discuss fixed income, sensible investing, and why bad management increases risk. Discussing here, we have:

  • Ashley Hamilton Claxton, Head of Responsible Investment, Royal London Asset Management
  • Martin Foden, Head of Credit Research, Royal London Asset Management
  • Diandra Soobiah, Head of Responsible Investment, NEST
  • Learning outcomes:

    1. How engagement differs for equity and bond investors
    2. How fund groups are looking to collect ESG data and use it in decision making
    3. How asset owners and fund managers are working together to shape ESG investment policies