Responsible Investing Masterclass Series | Going Global with ESG

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  • 51 mins 40 secs

With large parts of the global economy in lockdown, what are the good and bad behaviours this might encourage from companies: from their attitude to capital raising, their social responsibilities and executive pay? And how will they be judged? Discussing the implications not just for UK corporates but for those in Asia and the US, are:

  • Peter Rutter, Head of Equities, Royal London Asset Management
  • Ashley Hamilton Claxton, Head of Responsible Investment, Royal London Asset Management
  • Richard Philbin, CIO, Wellian Investment Solutions

Learning outcomes:

  1. The ESG implications for UK companies of a COVID-19 lockdown
  2. Why "social" is becoming an ever more important part of the ESG mix
  3. The opportunities and difficulties in applying ESG to Asia and the emerging markets