Sustainable Outsourcing | Masterclass

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  • 47 mins 48 secs

Learning: Structured

What does 'sustainable' mean to your clients and how do you know you're doing the right thing for them? An expert panel join us to discuss:

  • Shane O’Brien, Head of Multi-Asset & Macro Investment Specialists, Aviva Investors
  • Maria Municchi, Multi-Asset Fund Manager, M&G Investments
  • Conor Hafner, Senior Investment Product Specialist, Vanguard

Learning outcomes:

  1. How is the cost of living crisis and regulation shaping the discussion around sustainability?
  2. Has the shift to ESG and sustainability fundamentally shifted the economic model and what does this mean for personal investing?
  3. Are passive investing and sustainability compatible? What are the pros and cons?
Channel: Multi-Asset Hub
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