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Learning: Structured

It has been a tough decade for value investors with a number of false dawns, but are things now about to change in a world where inflation and interest rates are higher, and quantitative easing seems to be coming to an end. Is all of that deferred gratification going to be rewarded? Three experts taking part in this Masterclass are:

  • James Rutland, Co-Manager of Invesco European Equity Fund, Invesco
  • Ian Lance, Portfolio Manager of TM Redwheel UK Equity Income Fund, Redwheel
  • Vera German, CFA - Co-Manager of Schroder ISF Emerging Markets Value Fund, Schroders

Learning outcomes:

  1. The end of loose monetary polocy and its impact on valuations
  2. How cheap the value style is relative to growth
  3. What managers can do to avoid value traps

Click on minute 29 for a view on M&S rather different to that of Ian Lance:

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