Webinar: Investing in UK plc: is there a potential for growth and income?

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  • 43 mins 37 secs
The UK Government now enters a new phase in the fight against Covid-19, where it considers the plan for lifting restrictions, getting the UK back to work and growing the economy again. That said, the timing and shape of the recovery is still unclear and many of the company management teams in our portfolios are still prioritising the safety of employees, preserving liquidity and focusing on balance sheet strength. How will this play out for UK equity investors, particularly as this historically generous and shareholder-friendly market is suffering dividend cuts, deferrals and cancellations against a backdrop of sobering economic forecasts? Our work has reassured us about the attractive absolute and relative value of those companies in our current portfolios and we are sticking to the disciplined investment process that has served us well for over 20 years. Join Sue Noffke to hear how we look to take advantage of valuation opportunities in market-leading, cash generative, well-managed business that have been unduly sold off, in order to continue to provide your clients with income and growth above inflation, in the long term.



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