Webinar replay: Russia and Ukraine: beyond the fog of war

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“War is the realm of uncertainty,” wrote Carl von Clausewitz some two centuries ago. The second webinar in our series explores the economics of conflict, the continued impact of Russia’s invasion on global markets and some possible outcomes.

Watch Georgina Taylor, fund manager, in a discussion that explores:

  • Three broad outcomes that we can imagine from the war and a look at the economics of conflict.
  • How will these scenarios affect inflation, interest rates, energy prices and GDP?
  • Which asset classes and geographies are best suited to each scenario?
  • How have our investment teams approached the situation?

The webinar featured Invesco’s chief global market strategist, Kristina Hooper, our global head of asset allocation research, Paul Jackson, and Stephanie Butcher, Invesco EMEA’s Henley-based chief investment officer.

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