Webinar replay: Valuation: Is now the time for Small Cap?

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Smaller companies have been overlooked by many investors in recent years with the markets preferring growth/quality style large cap strategies. However, as we have emerged from the Covid-19 pandemic and markets continue to discount a synchronised global economic recovery, fuelled by unprecedented levels of monetary and fiscal stimulus, it is tempting for investors to wonder whether small caps will outperform and lead the market higher.

There have been many academic studies identifying the Small Cap premium and how the asset class can outperform over the longer term and given the anticipated global recovery it is perhaps unsurprising to see a recent survey by BofA ML showing 35% of investors are expecting small caps to outperform in the next 12 months*.  

Smaller companies is a specialism where Invesco has a long heritage, both in Henley and across our other investment centres around the world.  

Watch our webinar replay where Michael Joynson, Head of Market Insights discussed the current opportunities that we are seeing across the globe with a panel of experts:

  • Eric Esselink, Fund Manager, European Smaller Companies and Global Smaller Companies, Henley
  • Robin West, Fund Manager, UK Smaller Companies, Henley
  • Juan Hartsfield, Portfolio Manager,  US Smaller Companies, Houston

*Source: BofA ML Global Fund Manager Survey March 2021

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