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Webinar replay: Valuation - Will the style rotation persist?


Learning: Unstructured

Since the financial crisis, growth stocks – particularly technology – have driven equity returns across the world. Now with central banks looking through the pandemic and becoming more hawkish, bond yields are moving higher and investment markets are starting to question equity valuations. In the first weeks of the year we saw some style rotation in equity markets as investors re-assessed their outlook.

At Invesco, our investment teams believe this rotation is significant and set to be a prominent theme of 2022. Watch this webinar replay for their views on some of the most topical questions:

  • Is this the start of a new era of investment style or a shorter-term bounce back of underappreciated value?
  • Will bond yields continue to track upwards and what does that mean for equity investors given traditional stock market valuation methods?
  • Is this the right time to rebalance portfolios that have favoured defensive growth sectors to more cyclical sectors?
  • Is this trend affecting one region in particular, for instance US large cap technology, or does it affect investors across markets?

Speaker panel:

Investment risks
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