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Are Bonds Back?
Featured Bonds
Bonds often do well when inflation is under control, and if inflation has indeed rolled over, then it could be opportune timing to add duration back to portfolios. Here's why...

In the dynamic realm of finance, staying informed is key, and what better way to understand the market nuances than delving into insightful conversations among seasoned professionals? In our latest UK Equities Masterclass, we've unpacked key takeaways from a discussion among finance experts, exploring the intricacies of the UK market and potential strategies for navigating the current landscape.

At Invesco, we spend a considerable amount of time thinking about portfolio construction. For some of our multi asset portfolios, this means thinking about active and passive investment styles; an old-age and perhaps controversial debate, as proponents on each side are equally convinced that their approach is superior.  While tempting to make an ‘all-or-nothing’ active vs passive decision, we believe investors should explore the possibility of combining both approaches, thus allowing their portfolios to benefit from the advantages that each have to offer.

In our recent Global Outlook Masterclass, renowned financial journalist Robert Peston engaged in a captivating discussion with a panel of distinguished experts to unravel the mysteries and challenges of today's global financial landscape. With questions that matter to all of us, such as the resurgence of inflation, the shift in bond yields and interest rates, the state of China's economy, the impact of artificial intelligence, and the future of the UK stock market, this article delves into the insights shared by the panellists. Let's explore their thoughts on these pressing issues.

The Asset TV H1 2023 UK Insights Report highlights significant trends in the first half of the year, from over 490 videos published, with an average view time of 10 minutes, and featuring contributions from 1,262 expert speakers from over 800 companies.

Long-form leads in H1

As online video length trends shorten, Asset TV viewers have been bucking the trend with 80% of the top 20 videos being over 10 minutes long.