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A streamlined approach to Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for Adviser and Wealth Management firms - making CPD management effortless.


Your CPD, Your Way

As users engage with Asset TV, their individual viewing history is recorded in the MY CPD dashboard – a view which not only captures Asset TV activities but also integrates CPD from diverse sources, including events and other learning initiatives.

We're accredited by:

Accreditation from the Investment Wealth Institute and the CFP Board
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Team CPD

Empower your Team with Team CPD

Team CPD allows company managers to consolidate MY CPD records for all employees. To generate a central dashboard where managers can monitor CPD activities and establish clear learning objectives.

Intuitive Features

Team CPD Features

Managers can monitor their team's learning activity with an intuitive dashboard to manage team members, view an individual or team progress against preset targets, create custom playlists and set goals based on specific requirement.

  • Hollistic Tracking

    My CPD captures individual learning journeys comprehensively, ensuring a complete record of CPD activities.

  • Diverse Integration

    Beyond Asset TV, our platform accommodates CPD from various sources, providing a comprehensive overview of development.

  • Effortless Oversight

    Managers can harness the full potential of Team CPD to effortlessly oversee and manage the CPD progress of their entire team.

  • Intuitive Dashboard

    Our user-friendly interface ensures that navigating through CPD records and setting learning objectives is a breeze.

  • Data

    Team CPD permits multiple data exports in the form of PDF reports and spreadsheets for further analysis and interrogation.

  • Flexible

    Team CPD can be installed for teams from 10 to 10,000, flexible to your changing needs.

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Frequently asked questions

Team CPD has been designed for managers to monitor their professional teams as they learn by watching videos, recording training, events, etc.

Team CPD is a secure, password protected platform. At the outset you decide who is able to view the team dashboard and act as administrator.

Yes, you can invite new users (and remove) at anytime, subject to the number of licenses you have agreed.

Yes, we can plan this with you.

Yes, you have a private channel for your company’s bespoke content, only viewed by your Team CPD users.

Yes, you can establish compulsory playlists and monitor when your team have completed these tasks.

Yes, together with all of the dashboard information, your team data can be exported as a CSV file.

Get in touch

If you would like to find out more, have any questions or would like to get started with Team CPD then please get in touch below.