Lord Abbett | 2022 Mid-year Investment Outlook: Adapting to Uncertainty

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Global financial markets face an unprecedented macroeconomic environment impacted by strong crosscurrents. While economies are benefiting from pent-up global demand and monetary stimulus, high inflation is spurring tighter central bank policies and rising rates. Will central banks adopt more aggressive policies? Are global markets properly pricing risk?

Join our Midyear 2022 Investment Outlook when we gather our investment leaders to provide insights on adapting to market uncertainties and the potential investing implications for the second half of the year.


  • Giulio Martini - Partner, Director of Strategic Asset Allocation
  • Leah G. Traub, Ph.D. - Partner & Portfolio Manager
  • F. Thomas O'Halloran, CFA, J.D. - Partner & Portfolio Manager
  • Kewjin Yuoh - Partner & Portfolio Manager
  • Mila Skulkina, CFA - Portfolio Manager
  • Timothy Paulson - Investment Strategist
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