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Smaller Companies | Premier Miton Masterclass


Learning: Unstructured

In this Masterclass, Asset TV host Mark Colegate is joined by Premier Miton’s smaller companies’ specialists. Together they work through some of the big problems facing the global economy and world markets at the moment, from inflation, increasing interest rates to a marked increase in geopolitical tension. What does this all mean for smaller companies? The speakers are:

  • Nick Ford, Fund Manager, Premier Miton US Smaller Companies Fund
  • Alan Rowsell, Fund Manager, Premier Miton Global Smaller Companies Fund
  • Gervais Williams, Fund Manager, Premier Miton UK Smaller Companies Fund


Learning Outcomes:


  • The conditions that tend to favour smaller company outperformance
  • The small cap effect and why it applies across global equity markets
  • The impact of rising rates and inflation on smaller companies' prospects