The Future of Retirement Income | Masterclass with Baroness Ros Altmann

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  • 45 mins 59 secs

Learning: Structured

Seismic changes were thrust upon the pensions industry over the last few years in terms of pension freedoms and auto-enrolment; what has changed in the way customers and advisers behave and what do they need to think about in the new world? A panel of experts discusses the future of retirement income as the UK adapts to the new pensions landscape.

  • Anthony Gillham, Head of Investments, Multi-Asset, Old Mutual Wealth
  • Kirsty Anderson, Business Development Manager, Prudential
  • Trevor Greetham, Head of Multi-Asset, Royal London Asset Management

Learning outcomes:

  1. The outlook for retirement income
  2. The reaction to the introduction of pensions freedoms
  3. What the future will hold for retirees

Royal London policy paper 22: Don't chase risky income in retirement

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